Popular Faux Painting Techniques for Interior Designs

Add some color elegance and charm to your home using at least one of those painting methods that are popular.

  • Combing – Combing can give your walls appearance. First step would be to paint your walls your base color and let dry. Mix with glaze. Once you start rolling on the shade, be sure and go to floor for around three feet from ceiling. You take a background or a comb brush and then drag it to floor in a movement. Wipe off repeat and your comb. Lines are one of your choices using the technique. You create a pattern, can do a basket weave appearance or use your creativity and come up with your own design.Paint
  • Sponging – Sponging is a very Fun and Simple technique that provides a look to a space. You want to select your base color. This may be any color of your choice. Prepare the walls and put on the base paint. Be sure and fill in nail holes or other imperfections. Let dry. After the base coat is dry are ready to start sponging. One can be sponged by you. It is up to you. Be sure you have a genuine sea sponge, not a sponge. Keep your sponge moist for application. Mix the paint with a finishing glaze. Dip the sponge in the paint but do not over dip. Remove. Start in the corner and work out your way. Gently dab the sponge in a pattern. Do small areas at a time where you are working so the paint does not dry. Be creative with your patterns and your color combinations. Make those walls come alive.
  • Ragging – Ragging is comparable to sponging and can create a soft look. Try your rag in a number of positions to find the desired effect. Paint the wall and let dry. Mix your texture color finish to soften. Scrub your rag and blot the excess off. Start dabbing on the rag. Add paint.
  • Crackling – This painting Technique creates a look. Paint your wall using the base shade that is selected. Bear in mind that this color will show through your crackle cracks. Let dry. Cover with a finish that is faux. Until there is not any tackiness let dry. This will take about 4 hours. You will have to apply another coat being careful not to overlap your brush strokes. In a few moments the paint will begin to crackle exposing your base color underneath.
  • Color Washing – Color washing can give a flowing son dulux appearance to a room. Paint your walls your base color and let dry. Mix your color with a faux finish glaze. Start painting with strokes that are overlapped. Repeat the procedure for those who have selected a color.