Age Discrimination In The Workplace Singapore

As per the new Global Workforce View 2020 research from global payroll and human resources (HR) giant ADP, about one-fifth (17%) of Singaporeans face age sexual harassment in the workplace.Singapore’s workplace has a higher percentage of age discrimination than the APAC average of 12 percent.

According to the study, which surveyed 1,908 employees, the oldest and youngest workers are the ones most prone to be impacted by age discrimination, with 31% of survey participants over 55 and 20% of surveyed respondents aged 18 to 24 claiming to have encountered workplace age discrimination.

Impact Of Ageism On Business

age discrimination in the workplace singapore has a financial impact on corporations as well as individuals. If a corporation fails to effectively combat ageism in the workplace, it is more likely to lose money than gain it.

Businesses will lose out on the important expertise and information that senior workers have gained over time. This experience may also lead to increased confidence and competence, two qualities that not only contribute to a company’s overall productivity and efficiency, but also to the maintenance or enhancement of a reputation for integrity and industry expertise – which will all be restricted or omitted due to ageism.

To grow alongside its people, a company must first acknowledge and internalise the fact that Singapore’s future workforce will be older workers, and it must proactively endeavour to harness the capabilities of its diversified talent pool. Initiatives like reverse mentorship and hybrid workgroups can help with this.