All You Need To Know about Gyuto Knife

Gyuto Knife is a versatile chef’s knife used for cutting fish, vegetables, and meat. This knife was primarily designed to cut joints of the beef. But in modern culture, it is used for cutting vegetables. It was originated in Japan and is known for its lightweight and thin edges.

How does it look?

This knife has a double-bevelled look, which means that it is sharp on both sides.

While it may be longer than typical kitchen knives, its length enables us to cut even large items. It is known for its great detailing. It has a low tip pointed closely towards the centre of gravity. The sharpest edges don’t come lightweight. But this knife breaks that rule. Having the sharpest edges with the lightest weight, it can cut your vegetables and proteins with ease.


  • Gyutoknifeis an indestructible knife with very sharp edges.
  • Its edges can be sharped easily using sharpening steel and honing tools.
  • It is very much resistant to corrosion.
  • Having a slightly curved blade enables the chef to cut ingredients using a rocking motion.
  • This knife gives more power to the chef when slicing.


  • To sharpen the knife, you may need to do it at a specific angle.
  • It is an extremely sharp knife the inexperienced users can get their fingers cut, leading to extensive bleeding.

This knife is considered a great tool for whittling, chefs, woodworking, or general use. It’s perfect for most of your household uses. Having the sharpest edges with the lightest weight makes it a good fit. Often regarded as a budget killer due to its affordable pricing. It provides the best-in-class knife in the budget. If you are a professional or at least have some experience in handling knives before, this knife can be the perfect fit for your choice.