Tips to keep carpets brand new

Rugs and carpets will undoubtedly offer elegance and a pleasant and warm sense to your house and office. However, to maintain the enchantment alive, below are some cleaning recommendations to clean office carpet and to keep them new.

 Keep your carpets fresh with sprays

There are several sprays present in the marketplace to offer your carpets a new scent, so spend for those and you’ll never be dissatisfied. For long-lasting refreshment, sprinkle your carpets with an organic aroma two times a week. You may also combine very few droplets of your favorite essential oils with borax or bicarbonate of soda. 

Let the professional do the magic

Make it a habit to have your carpets professionally cleaned once annually to ensure their long-term stay in your house or office. Carpets need sensitive attention and care to restore their natural sheen and get rid of complete dirt and smells that have accumulated over time. 

Do not let the stains stay on the carpet

Stains on your carpets may create a lasting impression and be extremely difficult to remove. Whenever a blemish appears, it must be absorbed with a filter paper and cleansed with a bicarbonate soda and vinegar mixture. So you must always have these two products.

Never massage the stains as this will cause them to smear everywhere and penetrate deep into carpets. It must constantly be wiped with filter paper until the stains fade. Baking soda removes the spot and sanitizes the spot, keeping your carpets in pristine condition.