Everything about airport transfer service in Singapore

The pre-arranged transportation from the airport to their destination may be a hotel, their home, or anywhere. They may be exclusively for you or maybe shared services as well. As they are pre-booked, you need to book these services before the ride therefore you need a trusted agent for airport transfer services.

Best airport transfer service

Maxi Taxi is the most trusted transfer service for you, they have all types of the ride from four Seater to thirteen Seater with premium travel experience, they have premium classy cars like Mercedes E-class. Besides this, they also have affordable airport transfer services.

Why Maxi taxi?

  • They have almost all types of cars ranging from 4-13 Seater to drop you from airport to your destination with smooth transportation with class and affordable services they provide one of the best airport transfer services in Singapore.
  • They have a rigorous hiring process in place to ensure that only the best drivers are hired. Their drivers are well-versed with all of Singapore’s routes, roads, and streets. They don’t hire people unless they have run rigorous background checks on them.
  • They keep their clients and their comfort on primary priority, you may take a look at their website to get more information about their so many other packages.
  • Their prices range between $60-$70 for each transportation, you can book any car by filling out an online form on their website.


Maxi taxi strives to provide the best service possible to their customers; you may read their testimonials to gain a better understanding of their services. Their airport transfer service cars include Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes Viano 7 Seater, Mercedes V-class, Toyota High Roof 13 Seater, and others, all of which have a very attractive and luxurious feel about them.